What Happens When We Fall

March 5 and 6 / 7:30 PM / The Interchange / 1815 Cleburne St.

What Happens When We Fall explores the transformation of relationships and community when we move beyond taking what we need into taking everything.   Themes of excess, power, collapse, and what it looks like to rebuild are navigated through two concurrent narratives, one imaged by Horn and one by Soares.  

The evening takes place inside an evolving, immersive installation composed of donated clothing and lights.  A nature scape welcomes the audience, then transforms into a dwelling, and finally collapses into formless chaos.  Performers seek to pick up the pieces and find a sense of balance and cultivation.

Performers include Courtney Allen-Sherman, Lindsay Cortner, Jade Devault, Kristen Frankiewicz, Ashley Horn, Tina Shariffskul, and Alex Soares.

What Happens When We Fall will take place at The Interchange, Houston’s newest space for dance, theater, art, music, flow, and circus art performance.
What Happens When We Fall will be performed March 5 and 6 2022 at 7:30 PM at The Interchange at The Interchange, 1815 Cleburne St.  Tickets are $20 for general admission and $15 for students and artists.  This performance is made possible by a Groundwork Grant through Dance Source Houston. TICKETS

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